And in the Mountain, Everything.

Women— Zinacantán, Chiapas © 2014 . All rights reserved.

Fresh, pine needles on a marble floor, thousands of skinny candles, hundreds of votives, resin-thickened fires, the flapping of roosters, the laying-on of hands, gentle chanting and the rattle of homemade rockets above the cathedral.        

Walking the Turnrow- Angola Prison

056520110002 © 2014 . All rights reserved.

                            Prisoners and a guard return to the prison barracks at the end of a day in the fields. Angola Maximum Security State Prison, Louisiana 2012  

Using Split Field Filters

FCM35557 © 2014 . All rights reserved.

  Okay, this is going to be a quick and messy review. My example shots were taken pretty casually and without the help of a tripod (which makes split field filters as lot easier to deal with). First, definitions A … Continue reading

We Had a Birthday Party!

FCM33768 - Version 2_DxO © 2014 . All rights reserved.

  It’s almost impossible to explain the depth of the relationship and the devotion that develops between a Grandparent and a their adult Grandchildren. Of course, Grandparents love to have all of their relatives, big and small, around them, but … Continue reading

Debbie Allen Dance Company

Back Stage with the Modern Dancers © 2014 . All rights reserved.

  I was recently approached by the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge to help document the arts in our city. Baton Rouge will never be New Orleans (for many reasons), but we do have a vibrant and unique arts community … Continue reading